Just now I was going into the elevator into the 6th floor in a hospital where my love is being operated at the moment. The door was almost closed, when another lady wanted to get in. So I pressed the “open door” button from inside, but all the door did was to stand still in the middle. The gap was too small for her rather voluminous form, so, valiently, I squeezed myself into the gap and pushed the door manually open, so she could get in. One of my slogans is, after all, why use brain when you can use muscle. After all, brains are far more valuable.

Once she was in, the door refused to close, obviously upset with my brutal ways. But after pressing our respective floor number buttons some more, it finally did close and while the portly lady was showering me with thank you`s, I had a closer look at her, since I normally feel slightly awkward when somebody is overly thankful for something that should be normal.

She wore school teacher glasses, a bob haircut that went nicely with the conservative / serious look and to top it of, she wore a parker with a silk scarf with a floral, old curtain design. She seemed to be somewhat uncomfortable with the fact that I had used bodily strength to grant her entry to the lift, so I instantly felt the need to make her feel less awkward by cracking a joke.
I don`t know why I never learn, that my jokes rarely have the same effect on other people as they do on my closest friends!
But once I had opened my mouth, it couldn`t be stopped and I said:

“Oh, no worries, really, I`m sure the elevator can take a little manual handling. And even if not, if we crash with the elevator here, at least we get immediate help, so the chances of dying are really very slim you know. I mean, we will have broken bones, and this is the right department for that exactly, although of course, we will also have raptured internal organs most likely, and that would mean the internistic ward, because damaged internal organs take precedence over broken bones in treatment, but then they do have an emergency room here, so most likely, we would be fine before long.”

I gave her a winning and encouraging smile. And then… it dawned on me that I had just said all the wrong things.
She gave me a look as if my skin had just peeled off my true, alien face (and my, I`m so used to that look by now) and I had a feeling that her feelings of gratitude were in the process of shifting into something else. Luckily for me, the lift door opened on her floor and she jumped, while mumbling non-committing sounds and leaving on her floor saying “Ah, yes, well oh, well, good bye.”
The door closed again and I did a face palm. Another tick on my list of people who will not invite me for afternoon tea!

Oct. 2012 – Nuremberg, Germany

How big is your world?

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Fan stories

Eleven by Seven. My storage unit is this big. It is also the size of my living accommodations. One window, four walls, and a tiny closet at a Y living with over one-hundred other men. Is that all my 38 years of life has boiled down to?
I am a rat pack by nature and as I look around this hovel I don’t see the Items themselves sometimes. I see instead the friend that gave me the item. The image of six lost loves of my bachelor life rears its ugly head from time to time.
On the window sill I spy the two foot tall Christmas tree and a collection of CDs and DVDs. My refrigerator is one of those three foot cubes. Oh the joys of bachelor life.
It is times like these when I am alone in my prison without bars that I find myself day-dreaming. As a life-long Trekie, I fanaticize about the perfected world of Star Trek. I have set out on the path of writing a star trek novel three different times. Each time the computer crashed and I’ve lost as much as 130 pages of material at a shot.
In recent months I have found new friends on the net. It seems so much simpler to communicate here than face to face where you have to judge body posture, tonnage, inflations, extra. I also been able to reach out to people I’ve lost contact with over the years. Each contact I make – each friendship I so is a branch in the life I own or at least am responsible for if you believe in a creator.
My immediate life may be an almost cloistered life in this rented room, but the reach of my friendships are world-wide. This computer is my freedom, distant friends and the gateway from the insanity of real life to a more noble future. How big is your world? It is as big as your imagination and your heart.

Submitted 10/18/2012 7:10:41 AM by Richard Shindle

Blog posts with added value

Posted: December 28, 2012 in News!

Hi. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time. I have had a marvellous time with my family and lots of great food and wine. I have promised to write a blog for my fans, but I find myself strangely hesitant. Since my posts are published on FB and twittered, I don´t want to add to the mass of posts that just steal your time or make you wish you had a rubber (“eraser” for my American fans) for your brain.
So what I am going to do, is to add a thought concept, a link, an information or a picture with each of my posts that is a real value add. And I live in the hope that you agree with me 🙂

This Christmas was an especially happy one for me, because I am finally doing full-time what I was meant to do – writing! I took some “time out” after my 24-Christmas-stories-writing-marathon, but I´m already glued to my keyboard again. I just can´t wait to finish “The Fenris Clan”, it´s such a gripping story.

Yet there are often also unhappy moments when you spend time with your family and get thrown back into old patterns. In these moments I have discovered a simple truth that can pull you out of a bad mood in no time and make you happy! It is simply to be grateful for something – anything – you are really grateful for. Try it. Whenever you have a negative thought, something that pulls you down, try to think of something you are truly grateful for instead – maybe something related.
It is simply impossible to be both grateful and sad/angry/envious/depressed…..
Very simple and also very effective. The more you focus on the good things in your life, the better your life becomes.

All yours

…if I didn’t have a blog.” a friend recently said to me. I couldn’t just let that go. She has a point and I don’t want to limit myself to Facebook. After all there are still people out there who don’t have a FB page.

So here it is. I don’t yet know how exactly I’m going to use it, since I do want to concentrate on the website, but in the creative process, one never knows what happens next. That’s what makes it so exciting!

All yours