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News from the writing desk

Posted: October 6, 2013 in News!

It has been a very busy and short summer and that was only one of the reasons why I couldn’t write as much as I had wanted to.  But, the writing time (autumn & winter) is back and here is an overdue update:

– Travel Guide to the Languedoc will be published before Christmas by as an interactive e-book and in print. The necessary change of publisher postponed the date, but on the plus side – the content has increased with updated pictures and information.

– New edition of Flavia’s Christmas Stories for children: Due to the great popularity of the stories last year, there will be a new 2013 edition before Christmas, with all 24 Christmas calendar stories in one book, plus an extra story for the day after Christmas!

– Time thriller novel “The Fenris Clan”:  The publishing date had to be pushed to the beginning of next year in order to finish the above two projects in time. I apologise for this, but it doesn’t really make sense to publish Christmas stories after Christmas 😉

I am looking forward to keep hearing from you. I promise I will also write more blog posts again, now that the days are growing longer and people have more time and eagerness to read (and write).

All yours

Julia B. Kingsley


Since “The Fenris Clan”, my time travel thriller, is now finished and going through the editing process, I have used the available time to write an Insider’s Travel Guide. “The Beauty and Mystery of the Languedoc” (Southern France). It will be published this year on all major ebook platforms.

If you’ve ever dreamt of going on a very special holiday in Europe, that offers much more than just the usual tourist sightseeing attractions, where the first thing you have to do is to line up, then this is for you!

This guide will offer much more than the standard A, B, C…. generic stuff. It will feature entertaining short stories about this amazing place, real insider info and background stories and it will pull you into one of the last remaining mysteries and one of the last real treasure hunts of this world!
It will also include many as-of-yet unpublished pictures of all the sites described!

The Holy Grail, Adolf Hitler, Jesus, Isis, Maria Magdalena, Dan Brown’s “Da Vinci Code”, Bérenger Saunièr, the Knights Templar…. they all have ties to this place – and that is just the footnote!

Stay tuned for the official cover picture and the precise publishing date.

(Featuring in the Saunière Society Journal and

The new website is online!

Posted: January 8, 2013 in News!

Due to the fast growth of fans and feedback that I get, it has become necessary to launch a new website sooner rather than later. It is online since the 8th of January 2013 and I hope you like it.


Blog posts with added value

Posted: December 28, 2012 in News!

Hi. I hope you had a wonderful Christmas time. I have had a marvellous time with my family and lots of great food and wine. I have promised to write a blog for my fans, but I find myself strangely hesitant. Since my posts are published on FB and twittered, I don´t want to add to the mass of posts that just steal your time or make you wish you had a rubber (“eraser” for my American fans) for your brain.
So what I am going to do, is to add a thought concept, a link, an information or a picture with each of my posts that is a real value add. And I live in the hope that you agree with me 🙂

This Christmas was an especially happy one for me, because I am finally doing full-time what I was meant to do – writing! I took some “time out” after my 24-Christmas-stories-writing-marathon, but I´m already glued to my keyboard again. I just can´t wait to finish “The Fenris Clan”, it´s such a gripping story.

Yet there are often also unhappy moments when you spend time with your family and get thrown back into old patterns. In these moments I have discovered a simple truth that can pull you out of a bad mood in no time and make you happy! It is simply to be grateful for something – anything – you are really grateful for. Try it. Whenever you have a negative thought, something that pulls you down, try to think of something you are truly grateful for instead – maybe something related.
It is simply impossible to be both grateful and sad/angry/envious/depressed…..
Very simple and also very effective. The more you focus on the good things in your life, the better your life becomes.

All yours