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Personality Tests & Creativity

Posted: January 3, 2016 in Personal stuff

I have always had a thing about personality tests. I grew up in a time without being online, so we read magazines for kids/teenagers, and they always had one such test in each issue.

A friend of mine told me she was a INFJ type personality, so I got curious and indeed the Myers Brigg type test is considered one of the most psychologically valid ones, proven to be very accurate.

I made it for free here: Meyers Brigg Type Personality Test

So there are four major categories where you can be either one or the other…
and in three out of four, the test told me:

“Your score was right on the borderline for ……. We can’t say for sure what your style is for this dimension of personality.”

Only in the second category I am fully Intuitive, that’s the ‘N’ (iNtuitive), versus ‘Sensing’.

The test went on to give me these possibilities for my personality:
ENFJ: The Teacher
ENFP: The Champion
ENTJ: The Commander
ENTP: The Visionary
INFJ: The Counselor
INFP: The Healer
INTJ: The Mastermind
INTP: The Architect

If I look at them I can say, yes, I’m all of them, sometimes more, sometimes less, but what I am MOST OF ALL is this:

I’m divergent!

And proud of it. I will NOT EVER be compartmentalized, not consciously, not subconsciously. Above all, I am a Freedom-seeker & -fighter. Take this corporate world!

What is your result?