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Some thoughts on Love…

Posted: February 16, 2014 in Freethought

Love is the most wonderful thing in this world and at the same time it can likewise hurt. But sometimes the fact that it hurts shows you that it is real. Bittersweet. A door that opens into the unknown, into a new universe full of utter beauty and new worlds, but to get there on your own is impossible, because you need air to breathe or a ship to fly you there. So you stand at the threshold waiting for the ship to pick you up. Waiting in vain. No one can force love. It is as free as a thought….

So you stand there, at the open door, looking into this universe and marvelling upon its utter sheer beauty and your heart breaks because you know you will never be fully part of it, you will never be able to walk on those worlds, touch the soil, breathe the air, immerse yourself in it and explore it.

And it hurts. It hurts so friggin bad.

Still, in the middle of the pain, you regret nothing. You want the hurt, if it means it opened that door for you, if it means you can see and marvel at this universe.
You want the hurt, if it means you can behold this beauty and that, in itself, broadens your horizon, your perception of it, your understanding of depth, of beauty and of love. Yes, even your ability to feel love and to live it. Because you can still love, even if you will never touch the soil of these new worlds. You can still love it and open your heart for it, and be more yourself, true to yourself and true to your heart.

Because each time you open your heart to love, no matter in which form or to whom, you become reborn in yourself and you are not the same person anymore than you were before. That is the gift of love, no matter whether it is being returned or not. That is why it is the greatest power in all of the Universes. It creates.

Even when it is the kind of love that hurts. It still creates. In the end you are never the same person as before. To know love is to truly live.
And that is worth the pain!

It was a sweet dream. And it will stay a sweet dream.
Thank you, dear Universe. Thank you.
Thank you.