What does it mean to be a wolf?

Posted: January 8, 2013 in Freethought

In fact it’s nothing that should be unusual. It simply means to fight for your own heart and its freedom continuously until you die.

When you are young, you feel like you can do anything, reach anything, be anything. Later, most people make the mistake and believe others, when they say that that was a teenage folly. It is not!

You can do anything, you can reach anything, you can be anything, but you have to fight for it. The older you get, the more you are enveloped by the so called grown up world, the more you have to fight for it. Bleed for it. Sacrifice for it. Endure pain for it. And just never give up.

The key is to find out what it is that gives you wings. Who you are, what you can do best, what you want to reach. That is the hardest bit. And yet it is so simple.

Just simply do the things that make you feel free and joyful as often as you can (even if you have to earn money in between).
And with patience, at one point in time, a pattern will emerge from them. You can’t force this, it just happens if you keep an open mind. And that pattern will reveal to you who you are, what defines you most, how you can unfold your full potential.

Then you don’t think about who you are anymore, you simply are, and it fills your heart with joy. Don’t censor your thoughts, don’t belittle your wishes, let nobody tell you how you should be and never ever give up on your dreams, because the moment you do, you’ve lost every chance to spot them when the chance to make them reality passes you by!

Fight for the freedom of your thoughts, fight for the free expression of your creativity, fight for the freedom to express yourself, fight to expand your horizon, to learn new things, to try out different ways, to taste strange tastes. Fight for freedom when- and wherever it gets cut down by those who have given up the fight.

And you can be absolutely sure that one day you will be rewarded for your fight in ways you can`t even imagine now. In ways that you have only just imagined faintly in your dreams.

Fight for freedom in all its many facets. Every decision is always up to you and never to anybody else, no matter what people do to put the responsibility of their decisions on others. It is always up to you, even if it is sometimes unimaginably hard.

It’s all in your hand and you have to decide what you do with the time that is given to you on this Earth. (Yes, that`s from Tolkien)
Take responsibility, fight for freedom and never give up on your dreams.That’s what it means to be a wolf.

Wagner didn’t listen when he was told he couldn’t compose a complete opera at the age of 20. Albert Einstein didn’t give a damn when his colleagues at work told him he was crazy to fancy himself a physicist. J.K. Rowling didn’t let people pull her down when she wrote her worldwide bestseller. Anja, who lived down the road from me, didn’t believe her husband, when he told her she couldn’t work as a fitness instructor with her figure.

There are so many people who didn’t give up, didn’t give in, who kept fighting against all odds for what they believed in, even if it was “only” their belief in themselves. And that set them free. You have it in your hands.

PS: Have I mentioned patience? 🙂

Sept. 2012 ~ When I started writing “The Fenris Clan”

  1. eBooksThomas says:

    Like your thoughts. And yes you are right: if one grows elder, you have to insist more in what you want to achieve

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